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Josh Huntby 9 years ago
Hello all,

I have been in the entertainment industry approximately 10 years. I moved to Hollywood in early 2005, and while I don't know everything yet, and God forbid I ever stop learning, I have settled on post production as my outlet for creativity. That being said, I am here to offer my services as a union-affiliated assistant editor.
My background has run the gamut, but most recently, I worked in the reality world syncing multi-cam shoots, often without corresponding timecode, for an average of 10 cameras per day. In addition this past year, I also finished a terrific experience on the attempted revamp of Knight Rider, where my responsibilities entailed tracking and turning over an average of 150 visual effects shots per weekly episode.
I assure you need me because I know the issues for which you require a solution. If I don't have the answer right away, I also know where to look to find it. In this new HD environment, that has become increasingly important. However, with my accomplishments and proficiency, I am certain that I can fulfill any project's needs!

Thank you for your time,

Josh Hunt
Assistant Editor
MPEG #700
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