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Ok, so what I am I doing wrong in the job search ?

Todd Georgeby 11 years ago
Hello All

I have over 5 years of corporate production/post production experience as well as a brief stint with a small cable news channel under my belt, I have a Masters in communication arts and have taught video production at area community colleges

I know my way around final cut, and the other apps in the studio suite as well as combustion Lightwave , AE, and photoshop

I realize I may have committed career sucide by moving to north east ohio (long story) but this is a bit silly

to date I have been told that I am "overqualified" for two positions that I have recently applied for, and others have expressed interest but there has been no follow through

I enjoy working in post a bit more than being on set but I can and have doen both
I want a career position within an organization where my skills are seen as asset and where I will have the ability and the resources (which includes someone who is interested and able to passon what they know) to grow

I will work anywhere as long as the organization has a solid history and foundation

here is a link to my reel

if I do not have what it takes I would really appreaciate hearing that (and in fact need to hear that) as I am at a point in life where if I need to pursue a different career path now is a reasonably good time to do so

any insight would help
am I looking in the worng place (geographically, etc)
does my reel give the impression that my skill set is weak
is my reel suggesting that I have no specific skill at all

thanks in advance to everyone for all of your help

take care
Todd George
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Re: Ok, so what I am I doing wrong in the job search ?
by DavdFrey
We have a full time opening that I invite you to apply for, if you are interested in moving to the Washington, D.C. area. Here is our ad:

TV Editor/Graphic Artist
(official title: TV Graphic Designer I)
$44,349 - $62,765

Seeking a creative, energetic nonlinear TV editor with enhanced working knowledge of TV and motion graphics, to work in a fast-paced broadcast-type environment.

You must have the ability to serve as both a video editor and graphic designer, working with producers to edit, design original graphics and creative DVD interface and navigation. At least 3 years of professional experience (not including college coursework) required in a TV station, production house, ad agency or governmental agency setting.

Knowledge of design principles and current tools including Photoshop, After Effects, Motion, and one or more 3D packages. Familiarity with Final Cut Studio applications a plus. Proficiency in non-linear editing, green screen techniques, compression and DVD authoring.

Portfolio & DVD of recent work required. Please no beginners. Send cover letter, resume & DVD (not tape) to:

Ms. Regina B. Arrington
7361 Calhoun Place, Suite 401
Rockville, MD 20855

Please mail your applications. Electronic applications (i.e. emails, links to web sites) not accepted. Previous applicants need not apply.


Re: Ok, so what I am I doing wrong in the job search ?
by joybringer
There could be myriad problems, but it may be your approach or the way you market yourself. If you are a freelancer bidding on jobs, then that is one aspect with a set of solutions; if you are seeking a full-time position, then there is a completely other set of solutions. Which are you?

In short, to seek work as an employee, be clear about your objective and relating that to an employer. Be able to support your qualifications for a particular position with work products and testimonials if possible.

As a freelancer, run to the bookstore right now and pick up The Well-Fed Writer by Peter Bowerman. It is not a book just for writers but rather for all freelancers. It is filled with ways to get your work and ideas across to attract clients like mad. Best wishes!

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Re: Ok, so what I am I doing wrong in the job search ?
by McG2k1
I'm an editor in LA with over 10 years experience cutting reality for both network and cable and I STILL have a tough time drumming up work. That's just the way it is for freelancers I think.

You probably aren't really doing anything wrong, you just gotta hold out and wait for something that pays and gets a head turn. I constantly have to balance between taking work because any work is better than no work and taking work that doesn't serve the needs of my resume.

And yeah, Ohio is probably limited in its opportunities.


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