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ryankellyby 10 years ago
I'm a senior in high school and I want to get into the film/animation/editing field. I was just wondering what a good major/college would be to get a good job in the industry.

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Re: College Majors
by Del Holford

Your profile doesn't show where you live but the best film schools are at the University of Southern California and UCLA.
The can draw on the plethora of talent in the Hollywood area to teach the subjects.

The Art Center Schools of Design also teach these subjects but you have to pick one which teaches what you want, as they don't all teach all the subjects.

Since I live in North Carolina, I know that Western Carolina University and Appalachian State University both have excellent hands on video/film/radio/tv schools in their communication departments. In whatever state you reside, there are professionals who can point you to the good schools in your state that are less expensive due to in-state tuition.

Best of luck.

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