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Free Motion Graphics, Visual Effects and 3D for experience and portfolio

John Stanowskiby 9 years ago
I am offering FREE motion graphics, After Effects work, compositing, titles, productions logos, visual effects, 3D, etc.

I'm doing this because I've just started working on mograph for the past 3 years after 18 years of being a graphic print and web designer. I am somewhat proficient now (in varying degrees) in all the areas mentioned above, but I need to make myself better.

I've found that I learn more and get better when I work on something "real" instead of just experimenting.

If your project is short like an animated logo, or one visual effects shot, then I'm interested in having a go at it for you at no charge. I just need to be able to place the work in my portfolio and my reel.

My availability for this will vary at different times. I'm about to edit a tv reality show for local ABC affiliate as well as the opening titles to an indie film. When I have opportunity, I'll be here to do your project; again, for free.

I would be more accepting of projects that have a clear idea of what you need them to be. I find that when anything goes, that just slows me down because of all the possibilities. So please have a clear idea of what you need. Naturally I'll have ideas on that and will offer them to you before I get to work.

Please check out my portfolio page at and click on the "video" button for samples. They're scarce right now, but that's part of the reason I'm making this post.

Also keep in mind that my current samples are not representative of all that I'm capable of or my visual style. Again, that's why I need to work for free and get more examples of my work.

If you're familiar with the tools, I use: After Effects, most of the Trapcode and Red Giant plugins, I do color correction, quick titles with ProAnimator, and I'm starting to gain motion with Cinema 4D.

I've made several tv commercials so I'm aware of the requirements for broadcast.

I also have a TON of sound effects, trailer sounds, music and stock video graphics for quickies.

Hope to hear from you!
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Hey there.
by Mike Bunn
Hey, i play call of duty 4 on the xbox 360 and i make montages from playing, i just wondered if you could possibly design like a 10 second clip with 'Distinkt RISK' then you could even put the site url on it to advertise but it would be really great if you would.

Hope to hear from you soon, thanks
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