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Ricky Youngby 10 years ago
I have been handed the script and music by one of the writers of an original musical that was written in 1981 and told to run with it. As the producer of this musical that was never put into production anywhere, I am looking for a very motivated director that knows the business and how this can be put into production. The musical score was put together in Los Angeles with a very well known singer at the time and no doubt could have riveled other musical stage productions such as "Hair" or "Jesus Christ Super Star".

As I have had some directing experience myself, I am very motivated, excited and somewhat surprised this production has never hit the stage before. However, and as wonderful as the musical score is, it may need a little updating with fresh ideas, drama and announcement. This is what I am looking for in a director, not necessarily a name that is up there with the big guys. If this is you and you're in the Palm Springs/L.A. area (or have access), by all means contact me and lets watch this thing go to Broadway.

Thank you,
R.L. Young
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