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ENG/EFP Cameraman/Audio

Lee Haaseby 10 years ago
I'm coming out of year ten of broadcast tv. A majority of it has been local news, but I've spent my time on some national level stuff for EFP outfits. I'd like to find what is best known as traditional freelance work. I'd count my strengths as both practical and philosophical:

Strong work ethic
Desire to do as great a job as possible
Strong technical knowledge
Excellent compositional skills
Works well with others
I can light about anything using network style lighting

Ideally, I'd like to find something that will allow me take on something like what Go To Team offers-experience, with the chance to advance, and the ability to make enough to pay the bills and such for a couple years. I'd welcome a number of variants on that model though-someone who has enough work to have a second crew, someone who is retiring and wants to transition in someone to slowly take the work over, a company that has a few inhouse crews-I think you get the idea.

I've basically almost always shot and consider it my strength. I've done some audio and enjoy that as well. I honestly think I could be up to speed with the lingo and practical considerations in short order if someone was willing to be assistive. After that, let me loose.

If you are interested or know of anywhere or anyone that fits this description, drop me a line. Resume and reel available.
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