One-hour Zoom Training for working with SCC files in Premiere Pro

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I caption videos in my own software and now want to work with my scc files in Premiere Pro.  I am having all sorts of problems with importing them: timing is off after import, words are mixed up after import, two line captions are changed to one-line captions after import.  Warning: All the obvious answers have been explored and failed to help. Trainer has to understand the subtleties of broadcast captions and encoder build-up times and timecodes and how PP works (or at least should work) with captions. One hour Zoom meeting hosted by myself.  If I can import scc files correctly after meet-up, $100.  If you give it the college try but fail, $50.   Will also ask about saving scc files in several formats, which is also giving me gray hairs.

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To apply for this job email your details to

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