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3D Modeler Rigger

Louis-Philippe Brozeby on Nov 9, 2018
Brussels , Belgium
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Spentys – 3D Modeler Rigger

Seniority Level: Junior/Mid -Level Employment Type: Full-Time
Job Function: 3D Modeler – Rigger Job location: Brussels, BE
Industry: Orthopedics, 3D printing, medical devices Job debut: Dec 18 – Jan 19

General Description

Spentys is an interactive 3D printing platform for orthopaedic medical devices. Spentys aims to reduce the gap between the complexity of the 3D printing technology and the reality of hospitals’ environments. The Spentys solution goes from the 3D scanning of the patient's limb, to the 3D modelling and the 3D printing of the patient's specific cast. This solution is completely automatic and centralised on a cloud platform. It makes the process easy to use for physicians and helps them to quickly interact with the Spentys team. This solution makes the 3D printing technology directly available in hospitals’ environment, and so to the patients.

Job/function Description

We are looking for a 3D Modeler experienced in Computer Graphics and familiar with Rigging. The candidate should be proficient with Blender, Maya or other similar software. Independent and able to model quickly and efficiently with meshes, the candidate will oversee the realization of prototypes on demand for our customers. Experience with Retopology modelling is a plus. The candidate will work in collaboration with the R&D Designer and the Production Manager; the goal of the team will be to provide our customers compelling prototypes, following the evolution of the products according to customer needs and improving existing products. Starting from a first design request, the modeler should be capable of modelling a prototype onto a given 3d scan of the limb of the patient.

Background required

• Experience in modeling for CG
• Knowledge of Rigging bodies
• Advanced Knowledge of Meshes
• Familiar Retopology techniques
• Knowledge of Autodesk MeshMixer
• MeshLab is a plus
• Rhinoceros is a plus


• Quickly modelling prototypes onto a 3d scan
• Rigging 3d scans for pose correction of body articulations
• 3D scan editing, remeshing and correction
• Optimization of the models for 3D printing
• Work in cooperation with production
• Follow the product guidelines given by the R&D Designer


• Work in a young and dynamic team (in a space with many startups)
• Improve your knowledge in the medical field (MedTech)
• Get a comfortable salary


Feel free to contact us, and send your resume to
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