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Editor/Theatrical Director

Grettelyn Darkeyby on Sep 7, 2018
We Are One Body Audio Theatre
Latrobe, United States
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Screenwriters : Writer Director
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Full Time
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High School Diploma
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We Are One Body® Audio Theatre seeks a talented Editor/Theatrical Director who is passionate about creating great stories and helping others to achieve their story-writing goals, while also being able to meticulously edit and manage submissions on a tight schedule. The ideal candidate is able to work in a team of creative people, is overflowing with ideas for new serial productions, enjoys working with amateur and professional writers and actors, and has a love for and/or background in theater.


• Manage writers’ submissions and give detailed editing suggestions in a friendly and encouraging manner
• Vet submissions for conformity to We Are One Body® Audio Theatre’s goals
• Work with the audio theatre staff and volunteers to brainstorm ideas for new programs
• Guide writing groups of amateur and professional writers
• Conduct auditions and help to cast actors
• Direct actors in recording sessions
• Analyze volunteers’ strengths and weaknesses, and be able to utilize their talents while being realistic about and encouraging them in their limitations
• Work closely with the Senior Editor/Theatrical Director and the production staff to produce content which will be posted online weekly
• Occasionally engage in other aspects of production, as required
• Participate in other company duties, as required


• Must have excellent writing and communication skills
• Must be gracious and tactful when dealing with volunteers and coworkers
• Must be able to work evenings and weekends
• Must be willing to offer and accept constructive criticism within the audio theatre team, including volunteers
• Must have a good sense of humor
• Must be able to write audio scripts with a good understanding of how to manage characters, include sound cues, and incorporate music
• Must be capable of using audio editing software (we currently use Adobe Audition)

The Editor/Theatrical Director reports to the Senior Editor/Theatrical Director.
Job is On Location
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