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Mary Ludolphby on Dec 5, 2017
Daily Transcription
Employer Privacy
Please do not call, visit or contact employer directly.
Job Category
Film : Editing | Photography | Writing
Job Type
Career Level
Entry Level
Pay / Salary
Flat Rate
Education Required
High School Diploma
Job Description
Remote Transcriptionists positions. Work from home, be there for your family and save on gas

The Individual should be able to: hear and understand all dialogue even with background noises and overlapping conversation, ability to proofread work, ability to follow guidelines and formats, ability to take constructive criticism from QC Team in regards to changes, ability to make changes in the time requested.

This is an independent contractor position. Hours are flexible. We are looking for weekend workers.

Video/Audio file lengths range from 30 minutes to 2+ hours.

Daily Transcription has been providing transcription and translations services for over 10 years. We are happy to say that we provide excellent, quality services to our clients.

We request that you are a native English speaking resident of the US.

The transcriptionist will be responsible for signing up on the schedule, receiving and accepting assignments, following assignment guidelines and styles, submitting assignments by deadlines, making corrections according to the QC's request.
We are always accepting applications. We are in a slow season right now so assignments will be sparing. Work will pick back up in February and we need to be prepared. But you are always welcome to apply at Let us know if you have any other questions.

DT prefers to hire from within. For qualified, successful transcribers there is room for advancement in CCSL transcription as well as As-Broadcast files and/or Quality Control..

We request that you are a native English speaking resident of the US.

**A word of note: As an IC (independent contractor) you are hired on a project to project basis. We cannot guarantee a minimum of work. Rate of pay is equivalent to $15.00 - $33.00 per hour depending on your Transcription Turnaround Time (TAT)
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