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Create AMAZING video for a UK coffee brand

Tom Potterby on Sep 12, 2017
Kerala, India
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I am creating a UK coffee brand, which will specialise in using Indian coffee beans.

As I'm sure you already know, Kerala and the surrounding areas are renowned for their beautiful coffee.

To promote the brand, I would like to create a 30sec - 1minute video (for facebook and youtube) titled "Why India Coffee Is The Best On Earth" (or something similar).

I would want someone to go to a coffee farm in south India and film content for the video. The video would need to:

Capture the beauty of India
Capture the beauty of a coffee farm / the wildlife / the trees, fruits, spices etc that grow around the coffee
Show 'happy' workers on the farm picking coffee beans
Capture some or all of the coffee making process (the natural process and not lots of machinery)
Important - Have a short snippet of an interview with a passionate coffee farm owner / worker, explaining how "because the coffee is grown around (*spices/cardamom/pepper/nutmeg, fruit/banana/mango/tangerine etc*) Indian coffee beans take on these subtle but beautiful flavours, unlike any other coffee in the world" - can be explained in different words, but needs to be passionate" - this can be in English or non-English (with subtitles)

I would also need this video to be edited together by you to create something BRILLIANT.

If you would like to take this project on, then please let me know the costs (and if possible send me some samples of previous work)

Many thanks,

Tom Potter
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